They are out there several open source projects for SCADA “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”; My intention its to group together the best approaches to deliver a reference design.

For a Human Interface I'm using .NET SCADA framework its a collection of widgets written in C# Currently I just pack some of this widgets to a nice GUI but at the moment doesn't has any functionality, so I need to work more in that part =].

You can find a complete description of a what the hell a SCADA system is on wikipedia

At this moment I'm focusing on the hardware and consist on tree parts:
  • Ethernet gateway
  • Wireless coordinator
  • Wireless end device

The Ethernet gateway its based on MC9S12NE64 16 bit MCU, I got a demo board for free :), and theres support for using GNU tool chain for hcs12 devices, for more information you can visit m68hc1x gnu tool chain

I updated a build script for current hcs12 tool chain just to find out that they are already deb packages, so the easies way to get a tool chain working on your debian or ubuntu linux box is searching for the m68* deb packages.

The wireless coordinator and the end device are based on PAN802154 boards, this boards has a Zigbee transceiver (MC13193) and MC9S08GT60 8 bit MCU. Unfortunately theres no GNU tools that support this MCU, so I'm going to be using proprietary development tools for the moment until a switch to another device. But this boards are pretty cheap and are a good point to start using a Zigbee stack.

See the hardware section to find out more details for each MCU.

If you want to help me just mail me at: aalonso0101b@gmail.com  

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